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Nokia to launch ‘Treasure Tag’, a new Bluetooth accessory to help you find your items

Nokia to launch 'Treasure Tag', a new Bluetooth accessory to help you find your items

The Verge informed that Nokia is going to release a proximity sensor accessory for its  Lumia Windows Phones. The “Treasure Tag”  will combine Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC and will allow users to track items from their phones. It will pair with the Lumia handsets through NFC. The device will come with a loop strap through which you can attach it to the item you want to track.

For this purpose Nokia has built a particular application which will be used for tracking. The app will enable users to manage and locate the sensor in case the item is lost. Moreover, it will show the location of the item on a map which will have a support for LiveSight augmented reality. There is also an option where you can locate a phone which is paired with the sensor. You can do so by holding down a key on the device that will activate a notification sound on a phone. The requirement, however, is the phone to be in range.

Nokia will help you find your lost items with 'Treasure Tag'

The device is designed to be “always on” and the battery is made to last for around six months of use. With the release of Bluetooth 4.0 support as a part of the Amber update, Nokia is planning to launch accessories which will use the new Low Energy support, as “Treasure Tag”  is going to be the first one. The device is expected to be available in the next few weeks when the Amber update starts rolling out.

Source: The Verge