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Nokia Lumia sales with a new record in Q3

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

According to The Verge, Nokia has reached a new record in their sales worldwide in Q3. The statistics shows that in Q3 Nokia has managed to sell up to 8.8 million devices. They have sold 1,4 million more in comparison with the previous quarter when they sold 7,4 million. This is over 200 percent more than in the same quarter last year – 2,9 million. Totally, until September 30th, Nokia has managed to sell 36, 1 million Lumias since when they launched their first Windows Phone handset– Lumia 800.

The data shows that there is an significant increase in North America sales as well. In Q3 Nokia sold 1,4 million devices which is twice more than the previous record of 700,000, and shows that there is a constant increase year over year with 366 percent. In the previous quarter are sold in total 500,000. This significant improvement in the sales is thanks to the Nokia’s “rolling thunder” approach in US and budget devices such as Lumia 520 and Lumia 521. In addition, Nokia launched a custom flagship for Verizon, Lumia 928. Another reason might be the decreasing average selling price (ASP) of the Lumias. It is 143 euros for the latest quarter, whereas for the same quarter last year it was 155 euros.

Source: The Verge