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Nokia Lumia 630 available for pre-orders in Italy and Germany

Nokia Lumia 630 all colors

Nokia Lumia 630, a low-budget smartphone destined to be at least as popular as the Lumia 520, is available for pre-orders in some European markets like Italy and Germany. The first Windows Phone 8.1 –powered model is expected to launch by the end of May starting from Europe, while other regions will get the phone in early June.

In Italy, the phone can be pre-ordered through Nstore or Nstore has listed the Lumia 630 with a final price of 150 EUR, but there is a reservation deposit of 50 EUR. The price at is the same, again contract-free. Both retailers haven’t specified the delivery date, but customers should receive their units within the next 2-4 weeks in the worst scenario. offers the dual-SIM version of the phone for EUR 159,00 with only two colors available for pre-orders (yellow and orange). At the same time, the high-end Lumia 930 is listed for 600 EUR off-contract at, which is an official Nokia retailer in Germany. All four color options are available for orders.

Nokia Lumia 930 and Lumia 630

Meanwhile, Microsoft released a new promo video of the Lumia 635, almost identical to the Lumia 630 device that supports LTE and has a bit higher price. Both the 630 and 635 have 4.5-inch screens, quad-core processors, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, microSD slots and on-screen buttons. The backside shooter is 5MP, but there is no dedicated camera shutter key. Watch the promo video below: