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Nokia expands its navigation services with HERE Auto, Cloud and companion app for WP8, iOS and Android

Nokia expands its navigation services with HERE Auto, Cloud and companion app for WP8, iOS and Android
  • On August 30, 2013

Embedded in-dash navigation, HERE Auto companion app and Auto Cloud will be available soon. HERE Traffic with improvements.

Nokia has introduced its new addition to the location & mapping services. HERE Auto, its companion app, the Auto Cloud and the improved HERE Traffic will offer a full navigation and location experience. HERE Auto will offer embedded voice turn-by-turn navigation in 95 countries, but that’s not all. Basically, the new location service won’t be static and it will always offer dynamic services. To ensure that, Nokia has developed HERE Auto Cloud. When you reach the final destination you will be shown different street images, indoor maps, parking availabilities and plenty of other information.

HERE AUTO in the city

With HERE Auto, Nokia promises to provide the right map at the right moment. For example, when you are driving through the city center, you can access zoomed-in view maps and street images. When you are on the highway, you can explore the more suitable helicopter view. According to Nokia, HERE Auto is smart; it will be updated regularly, so you can always have the freshest maps. Real-traffic information will be presented, as well as suggestions for the fastest route. Fortunately, you can still use the service offline, so it ensures a seamless navigation experience even if you cannot access your mobile network.

Here Auto Cloud

Another part of the new integrated navigation service is the HERE Auto Companion app. The app is available for Windows Phone and Android (iOS version is under development). It allows you to access your connected car remotely. The app has all well-known features of HERE, like the ability to sync your favorite places, routes and maps on different devices, but there are even more options here. With this smartphone app you can find your car with LiveSight and monitor some important sensors in your car. You can obtain information about the fuel and the tire pleasure. You can even turn on/off the air conditioning or unlock/lock your car.

Nokia has also improved HERE Traffic with better route planning, more accurate travel time estimates and quicker re-route on the go. Here Auto will be integrated into Continental’s next-gen platform. Nokia is currently looking for carmakers willing to include the service it the new car models. Nokia HERE Auto and its companion app will be first demonstrated during the International Motor Show in Germany on September 10th.

Source: Nokia