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Nokia to bring RAW format to its Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020

Nokia to bring RAW format to its Lumia 1520 and Lumia 1020

We have recently informed you in terms of Nokia plans to add the RAW format support into their Windows Phone devices. Now, a little more information has been shared. Obviously, Nokia is aiming to become a leader on the mobile market, at least when it comes to the camera capabilities of its devices. We would claim that this aim has already been reached. The company already released a handset with a 41 MP camera, but besides that has released numerous very useful features which help users to get wonderful experience and the best results possible.

The next step now is to bring the RAW format to its users. According to Nokia Conversations, the first phone ever which will get the format is Nokia Lumia 1520. Soon after that it will be followed by Lumia 1020. But what does it mean for the average and non-professional users? They might not be interested, but we are sure there many users out there which will be. So what is a RAW format?

DNG photo format screen

The outgoing handsets have been able to save photos only in JPEG format. Now, Lumia 1520 will be able to save the photos in lossless DNG (Digital Negative) format. This format allows you to work with images without quality loss. Thus, the format enables you to use all post-capture capabilities available on your phone and PC, such as sharpening, tone mapping, noise filtering, etc. The new format will be added to the saving settings on the phone. As it will not be active by default, the average users will even not notice it. So far, they could have chosen to save photos in 5 MP JPEG or 5MP JPEG + 38 MP JPEG for PC usage. Now, they will have yet another option: to save 5 MP JPEG photos for sharing + 38 MP DNG images to process them later on PC.

Source: Nokia Conversations