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“Nokia Black” brings Nokia Camera to all Lumias

Nokia Camera for Windows Phone

In Abu Dhabi’s event, Nokia has revealed their Nokia Camera which combines Pro Cam and Smart Cam apps. This comes as an answer to the Nokia Lumias users` feedback. The new app brings some new features to the table as well, such as quick access to Modes which replaces the manual controls, as well as some improvements to the performance.

Unfortunately, the mid- and low-range Lumia users are reportedly not able to download the application. This is due to the restriction only 92x and higher models to get the app. However, the situation will change with “Nokia Black” update. After its release all Lumia users will be able to use Nokia Camera. “Lumia Black” firmware, previously known as “Bitersweet Shimmer”, will bring new functionality and improvements, among which are a RAW photos support and new camera algorithms. Its only not clear whether the owners of low- and mid-range Lumias will get a full version or a restricted version with less features.

Nokia Black Windows Phone

The problem with the reported reframing issues with Nokia Camera will be resolved as well. Users have reported that they are not able to save reframes. Nokia is releasing a fix next week which resolves these issues.

Source: Wpcentral