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Nimbuzz for Windows Phone gets a new update

Nimbuzz for Windows Phone gets a new update

Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows Phone has been just updated. It is a popular messenger, especially in the emerging markets, which allows its users to send unlimited chat messages and share their files, music, pictures and videos practically on any mobile device for free. It allows also chatting, free calls and sharing media on popular networks such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk and Windows Live.

The new update brings several new improvements. At first site, it supports offline messaging for Facebook. Now you can send Push notifications and offline messages to your friends who are offline/notifiable. With the new update you get connected automatically to your friends who already use the app.

A new manner for registration is introduced that is based on phone numbers for saver and quicker password retrieval. You are also provided with friend suggestions which you can accept or ignore and with the option to magnify and view a contact’s full profile picture by tapping on the contact’s avatar. Along with these improvements the app gets additional performance improvements in terms of design, speed, connectivity as well as bug fixes. It is available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.

Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows Phone can be downloaded here.

Source: wmpoweruser