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New Windows 10 Phone Build is available through Windows Insider

Windows 10 Phones
Windows Phone Area

Almost all Lumia devices are supported, Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon excluded

Microsoft has released today a new build of Windows 10 Mobile (for Phones) through the Windows Insiders program. This is the second Technical Preview release after the first one announced two months ago.

To install the Preview you need to have a supported device, a registration as an Insider, and the Windows Insider app installed on your phone.

Read more on how to install Windows 10 or downgrade to Windows Phone 8.1.

[Information]: Some of the phones may need to go through the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 before installing Windows 10. 

[Caution]: WE DON’T RECOMMEND INSTALLING THIS PREVIEW ON YOUR PRIMARY DEVICE. This is an early, pre-production software. You can expect unfinished and inconsistent UI, missing parts, unexpected crashes, and other bugs.

This new version of Windows 10 for Phones introduces a number of previously unseen features and UI to the mobile platform.

New features:

  • Project Spartan browser and new rendering engine
  • Universal Mail and Calendar apps: you can use formatting tricks
  • New Phone app
  • New Messaging app
  • New People app
  • New Maps
  • New App switcher
  • Fixes
  • UI tweaks

Detailed information about all new features will be published shortly, stay tuned.

[UPDATE]: The update has been delayed because of an error in the database for provisioning record data. Microsoft needs 2 hours to fix the issue. The update should be live at 1 PM PT, 9 PM London