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New Ways for Sharing Photos on all Platforms thanks to XIM

XIM app logo
Windows Phone Area

Temporary photo sharing for all platforms 

XIM is a new app which is already available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. It offers an easy way to share photos with friends situated nearby. The program is easy to work with and has a great performance. It allows users to control more of the processes that are usually run by the device.

The app is really useful when you want to show a few photos or an album to your friends. Then you don’t have to hand them your phone. You just have to send them the picture through XIM. What’s more, they may not have to install the app on their devices. They can see the photos by using an Internet browser.

XIM is now available on Google Play, Windows Phone Store and Apple Store. After installing it, you can choose photos from any sources – your camera album, Instagram photos, Facebook or OneDrive. Then you just have to select some photos and send them to people you want. When you search for a person you can find them by a name or a phone number. After that a link is sent to them.

XIM app screens

When the pictures are uploaded, you can navigate the swipe and zoom at the same time on any device that has opened them. Thus you can show your friends photos from any event while having dinner, sitting in the living-room, etc.

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