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New portable chargers launched by Nokia

New portable chargers announced from Nokia
  • On September 11, 2013

If you are a heavy smartphone user and you desperately need some extra power during the day, the two new products announced by Nokia could be the perfect solution. The Finish company has just unveiled two new portable chargers – DT-601 and DC-19.

DC-601 is a wireless charger plate, a successor to DC-900, but the new model is more affordable, lighter and smaller, though it is as efficient as the previous version. The wireless charger measures just 65 mm in diameter and it comes in five colors, matching your Lumia smartphone. DC-601 has a 1.5 m USB-A cable and a little strap. Made of polycarbonate, the charger feels smooth, but at the same time provides enough grip.

Wireless Charging of Nokia device

Special LED light indicator will let you know when the device is being charged. The wireless charger is Qi compatible, so you will be able to charge any product that supports Qi. DC-601 costs €29 ($39) and its sales start this month in Asia. Gradually, the new wireless charger plate will roll out in the rest of the world, including the US and Europe.

DT-601 wireless charger Nokia

DC-19 is a universal portable USB charger. It is a perfect solution, when you are away and you need some extra power. DC-19 is compact and light – it is 99.5mm long and has a diameter of 25.4mm.

USB portable charger DC-19

The USB charger packs a 3200 mAh battery that has six months stand-by time. You can check the battery level using the LED indicator lights. Charging the phone and the DC-19 is very simple – you just need to plug the device using the data cable. You can use DC-19 to charge any device having USB charging mode. The charger is offered in three colors and it costs 29 ($39).

DC-19 USB charger