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New Improved Functions for Cortana

Cortana Voice assistant for Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone Area

Cortana is coming out with a few new useful features improving the Daily Glance and other functions. For example, the Daily Glance now shows you travel times to home and reminds you about future events in your calendar at the end of the day. Moreover, tracks of flights could be kept by the new version of Cortana.

Another improvement in Cortana will gather information about your searches on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Then, it will inform you about upcoming events such as concerts and parties by famous people you like situated up to 100 miles from your current address.

If you search for information about a given flight more than once a week, Cortana marks it as important for you. If you confirm it so, the program will add it to the notebook and will remind you about any future update for it on Bing homepage. This function is only available in the US for the present.

Bing Cortana updates October 2014

In addition, Cortana features another function suggesting the user different apps according to their location. If the user does not pay attention to the recommendation after a few times, the program stops displaying information about it. This feature is available in the US and the UK.

Source: Bing Blogs