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New images of the Lumia 960 prototype

Microsoft Lumia 960

This is one of the recent Microsoft prototypes

We knew that Microsoft was planning a successor to the Lumia 950-line for 2016 – a top-end phone powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. That was before Redmond decided to focus on software and ditch its own Lumia line-up in favour of third-party hardware such as the Alcatel Idol 4 Pro and HP Elite x3.

While we expect to see a mobile device from Microsoft running CShell around the end of this year, here are a few more images of one of the prototypes of what could become the Lumia 960/960 XL.

Microsoft Lumia 960

Microsoft Lumia 960

The device in question has an aluminium frame, two front-facing speakers, PureView 20MP camera with triple LED flash, and according to the source – an improved version of the 3D Touch technology from the cancelled flagship Lumia 1030 (Nokia McLaren).

This phone won’t be released on the market, but it could still be used by Microsoft’s employees for testing purposes. The company already made clear that it won’t be launching traditional smartphones anymore, and the next mobile device will be a category defining.

Lumia 960

Source: AggiornamentiLumia