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Nearly 8 percent of Windows Phones now have Windows 8.1!

Nearly 8 percent of Windows Phones now have Windows 8.1!
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Every month Windows Phone data is treated to us by Alan Mendelevich from AdDuplex. AdDuplex is a cross promotion network for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps. Now we will explore the Windows Phone ecosystem for June 2014. Lumia 630 bump the Windows Phone 8.1 base? Which new OEMs made the list? See those answers below.

Windows Phone 8.1 appeared on April 14 via The Preview for Developers program, so the developers are able to install and upgrade the newest version of Windows Phone with Cortana, and Notification Center. The number of the devices which had WP8.1 was 5.2% for the last month, now it grows to 7.7%, and is expected to grow very fast for next few weeks.

Lumia 520 now fades

Last month on the Windows Phone device market Lumia 520 held the amazing 33.7%, now this is a history and hold only 31.6%. This month Lumia 625 (7.3%) and Lumia 920(6.9), are still holding up to the top three. More and more marketplaces now have the Lumia 630, which has moved up 10 places and now the 20th slot for worldwide devices has been occupied by it.

The most famous Windows Phones around the world, we present you only a few of the countries:

  • USA-Lumia 520-33.8%, Lumia 521-17.9, Lumia 920-8%.
  • Australia- Lumia 520-26.8%, Lumia920-13.5%, Lumia 625-13%
  • Chile- Lumia 520- 43.4%, Lumia 505 – 8.5&, Lumia 610 – 8.0%
  • China-Lumia920-19.5,L520-9.8%, L925-9.6%
  • Mexico- Lumia 520-36.3%,Lumia710-13.6, Lumia505-13.4%
  • Ireland- Lumia520-46.4%, Lumia 625-17.4%, Lumia800-8.9%
  • Germany-Lumia530-17.1%,Lumia920-15.1%,Lumia925-10.4%
  • Italy-Lumia 520-29.8%, Lumia820-8.9%,Lumia625-8.5%
  • Netherlands- Lumia 520-20.2%, Lumia920-15.4%,Lumia925-7.4%
  • UK-Lumia520-37.7%,Lumia525-11.2, Lumia920-7.6%

Appearance of new devices

We haven’t seen a new crazy device on Windows Phone for a while, but here are some of the new contributions in the Windows Phone family:

  • Nokia RM-983 984 985: 5-inch 720p screen mid-range device running WP 8.1,
  • Micromax BLUE MTP
  • Honeywell BLUE PARIS
  • K-Touch Tianyu5703A3 – WVGA, 3.9-inch

For More reports visit AdDuplex webpage.