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Nadella redefines Microsoft’s core vision

Nadella redefines Microsoft’s core vision

Microsoft’s leader Satya Nadella shared its vision and strategy for the company’s future. In an email to all employees, he marked some of the main points in the new core strategy. Mobile-first / cloud first is his main motto, while Nadella hinted at some major changes expected in the next months (if not years).

In a world of connected devices, mobile and cloud technologies will empower (at some point in the future) almost every single individual so Microsoft’s ambition is to make these technologies accessible to as many users as possible. Microsoft will try to improve its current technologies but there will be more unique creations as the company evolves with the time, trying to adjust its strategy to the new realities.

microsoft core vision

‘Dual Use‘ is the next big thing, according to Satya Nadella. He thinks that new powerful technologies connecting customers at work and home will be adopted and largely used. That’s why Microsoft will try to reinvent its current platforms, making them ready for dual use. This is connected with universal applications, platforms unification and more motivated developers.

Across Microsoft, we will obsess over reinventing productivity and platforms. We will relentlessly focus on and build great digital work and life experiences with specific focus on dual use“, he wrote.

Nadella also hinted at possible changes in Microsoft Mobile (former Nokia) department. Microsoft will announce its quarterly earnings on July 22 and there will be some organization changes. Earlier rumours said that Microsoft would optimize its workforce and some of the former Nokia employees might lose their jobs but we can’t confirm that right now. All we know is that Microsoft will streamline its engineering process, time and energy spent for making things done.