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Mouse Computer presents its first Windows Phone

madosma windows phone

MDG is testing an octa-core Windows 10 smartphone

Microsoft has attracted a large number of new OEMs to develop Windows smartphones, including many companies from markets like China and Japan, where the Microsoft’s share is very thin.

In Japan, Windows Phone is almost missing from the market – the share is just above 0%. Lumia devices are not offered by carriers, while many local companies like Toshiba have long abandoned its Windows projects. All hopes are now connected with Windows 10 Mobile and after eliminating the license fees for developing Windows-based smartphones, Microsoft may boost its presence in many key markets.

madosma mouse computer

The first of the many smartphones expected to go on sale by local companies in Japan is the MADOSMA by Mouse Computer. This phone features a quad-core LTE capable Snapdragon 410 processor, a 5-inch screen with full HD resolution, 1 GB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, and 2300 mAh battery. So, we have another mid-ranger with conventional specs and design that is very similar to the BLU Win HD.

While MADOSMA is real and will hit the market soon, a Chinese company called MDG is apparently testing a Windows 10 smartphone powered by an octa-core processor. This smartphone is far from release, as Microsoft won’t be ready to ship Windows 10 before the end of the summer, but it seems that many companies are already testing the waters with the new mobile operating system.

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