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Mobile Phones Forever Changing in Modern Culture?

  • On June 19, 2016

Ten to fifteen years ago the mobile phone was a mere brick-like device that started to make the house phone seem unnecessary. Never did we imagine they’d develop so fast that we’d no longer use our land lines at all, and our televisions less than ever. Gone are the brick phones, and the buttons soon followed. Now we enjoy touch screen devices that dictate our everyday life. However, smart watches and devices like Google Glass and HoloLens suggest that the mobile movement won’t be slowing down, and will continue to embrace modern culture.

As with any new movement, as things start to expand critics find flaws. Theories often emerge and changes are made. Many have been worrying that continuous use of smart phones – resulting in looking down- will lead to neck problems, perhaps leaving one in need of future surgery one day.

With that at the forefront of the creators’ minds, changes have started to happen already.

Smart watches are now allowing for one to move around faster than ever before, all whilst staying locked into their social, digital worlds too, and it relieves neck pressure with one being able to bring the watch to eye level easier than a phone.

Apps like the weather, news, online shopping and even our casinos are now in the palm of the hand. Many say they haven’t the time to make a big trip of visiting a casino. Why would they with them now being designed to fit in the palm of our hands. Windows, Android and iOS phones are now more than capable of providing us with fast, easy-to-use casinos, and ones that can be more fun than the real ones. As to what the future might hold for the even established online casino stars is impossible to truly predict. However, it is quite likely that they will move towards VR too, as mobile phones now are providing interesting versions of VR in their own regard as many online companies and entertainment industries wish to add smooth interface, online applications, VR and the mobile phone into one. All of this means we spend the vast majority of our free time connecting to these brands through our smart phones. That’s why millions of pounds will continue to be invested in to the development of their safety, durability and productivity.

For some this still wasn’t enough. Enter Google Glass. It’s changing the way we live, that’s for sure. The optical head-mounted glasses bring the electronic sides to your eyes. Think a hands-free mobile. One that allows you to process information, but not to change your neck’s position. Devices like this allow for everyday life to continue, yet provide us with the information we certainly crave.

If we want to enjoy our everyday online luxuries, we will have to adapt, and unthinkable methods will be coming before we know it.

We could quite literally be looking in to the future through Google Glass, or whatever we will soon be using. With various safety concerns it is thought that something fresh will arrive sooner rather than later. Something that will attempt to please everybody.

Ultimately, we just want to enjoy our favourite apps with ease, comfort and safety, and with the mobile industry moving with the times it won’t be long until we get what we’re looking for.

Other changes are underway. Wireless headphones are already helping mobile devices take giant strides forward. The new pending iPhone will remove its 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing for more room for a bigger battery, and to play about with other ideas that are in place.

The mobile trend is forever changing, and without health, and comfort mattering changes are needed. For example, we need to look after our necks. On top of that we want maximum battery life so that we can enjoy the endless activities we otherwise use our phones for.

If you thought the mobile phone had changed in unimaginable ways in the last decade, you’ve seen nothing yet. Things are about to change in ways we could’ve never previously imagined. It might not be Google Glass, or the smart watch, but the mobile devices are set to combine for something spectacular, safe and satisfying.

We can’t wait to see what we’re using in 5-10 years. Any guesses?