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Microsoft’s “DirectReality” Creating a Buzz

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  • On June 16, 2017


On June 2, 2017, Microsoft filed a licensing trademark application for something called “Direct Reality”, and it is indeed related to gaming. It was accidentally discovered by Gamespot after Microsoft trademarked their mysterious S logo ahead of its Xbox Project Scorpio reveal.

It has the tech world in quite the tizzy, since not many further details are yet known. What we do know is that the trademark includes “computer game software,” and “computer software for holographic applications.” If that isn’t enough, the trademark also includes “online computer game software,” including holographic applications.

Something important to remember is that just because Microsoft has made this filing, it doesn’t mean that any large product announcements are to follow. Sometimes companies, in a sense, “reserve” their spot so they are the first to lock down that market space, getting out ahead of their competitors.  Given the fact that it seems to be connected to holographic applications, it has also been suggested that Direct Reality might indeed be related to Microsoft’s HoloLens technology.

AuthorKai Kowalewski  Microsoft HoloLens, aufgesetzt. Präsentator: Andreas Erben

Microsoft HoloLens, Author: Kai Kowalewski

If you aren’t familiar, Microsoft’s HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer. It allows a user to engage with digital content and interact with the surrounding world.

It is amazing to see where technology has brought us today. In mere moments, you can be on any one of your personal devices looking for a place to eat, researching the history of gaming technology, or entertaining yourself by playing a game or video chatting with a friend. Now, Microsoft is taking it to another level by filing this trademark.

The limits of such technology are endless. If this technology is indeed introduced, it would be a huge breakthrough for the video gaming, casino and iGaming industry, especially taking into account its long history.

Just imagine being able to sit “face-to-face” with your opponent while playing a video game or a hand of poker, or sitting in a chat room getting tips on how to play, etc. This would elevate video poker to a whole new level. Putting gaming aside, think about how awesome such technology would be for users who live hundreds of miles, thousands of miles, or even countries apart. The possibilities are endless now that this door has been opened.

So why the buzz? First of all, it brings a lot of hope to gamers who thought Microsoft had stepped away from virtual and augmented reality. Secondly, with only partial information out there, it leaves a lot of open questions for the tech world, which is left wondering what, if anything, will be released in the near future and to what extent this will change the gaming industry and other industries alike. This speculation has gotten a lot of people talking, and rightfully so.

So, what is next? Look for updates from Microsoft in the near future. This will be a topic that will be revisited and not forgotten until more answers are received – and you can bet the Publicity Wheel in Microsoft HQ is spinning overtime to satiate the curiosity of millions. Watch this space!