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Microsoft’s CEO: “We don’t want to build a copycat phone operating system”

Microsoft’s CEO: “We don’t want to build a copycat phone operating system”
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Satya Nadella believes that Continuum will significantly differentiate Windows from competing operating systems

In a new interview for ZDNet, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has shared the company’s plans and ambitions for Windows 10 on all devices, including phones.

The interview is very long and interesting to read in its entirety. Here are the most interesting things about Windows Phone:

Nadella has been pretty clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to make just another phone, running another copycat operating system. He says:

We have to be on the hunt for what’s the next bend in the curve to be relevant in the future. This applies for any company

Continuum for Phones could be that innovation behind the curve. Nadella highlights Continuum as the feature that would clearly differentiate Windows Phones from just “another phone” running one of the popular platforms. That said, Microsoft is not going to compete with iOS or Android in the way it did before. The company has promised to focus on fewer phones, devices with unique capabilities, to increase productivity and mobility of work.

Continuum would give end users the possibility to have their PC right into the pocket and if they need to do some work to connect it to a bigger screen, attach a mouse and keyboard, and unleash a PC-like experience with all apps and Windows menus scaling up to the new screen.

Windows Phone turns into a PCAnother important part of the interview is the future of Microsoft as a manufacturer of Windows Phones. Nadella says:

If no OEM stands up to build Windows devices we’ll build them. There will be Lumia devices. So I’m not afraid of saying, okay, it’s all about the OEMs, or it’s all about the ecosystem. It’s about Windows.“ and “”If there are a lot of OEMs, we’ll have one strategy. If there are no OEMs, we’ll have one strategy. We are committed to having the phones in these three segments. And I think the operational details will become clear to people as they see it.”

The above cited sections put bullets in the heads of all journalists who recently claimed that Microsoft was abandoning the phones.

Finally, Microsoft’s CEO talks about its vision on how the app gap between Windows Phone and other platform will disappear. It’s all about universal apps which will be running on a broader range of devices:

“Universal Windows apps are going to be written because you want to have those apps used on the desktop. The reason why anybody would want to write universal apps is not because of our three percent share in phones. It’s because a billion consumers are going to have a Start Menu, which is going to have your app.

You can find the link to the full interview below.

Source: ZDNet