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Microsoft’s brand valued at $63 billion

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Apple, Microsoft and Google and the top 3 most valuable brands

Microsoft has been ranked the second most valuable brand in the world in a new report evaluating industry weight, sales and earnings. Microsoft is valued at $63 billion which is a 11% up compared with the previous year. Forbes has taken into account the newly acquired smartphone unit, the $400m deal with NFL and increasing revenue from the cloud business.

Microsoft acquired Nokia‘s smartphone business in April 2014 and begun a brand transition from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia. The first smartphone under the Microsoft brand will launch in the coming weeks – the rumored low-end Lumia 525.

Apple is the leading brand according to Forbes, valued at $124 billion. The company is expected to sell over 60 million phones and millions of tablets in 2014 and customers are willing to pay extra for their products which results in profit margins up to 33%. Apple’s value increased 19% over the previous year and the next crucial product for the company seems to be the Apple Watch, a product that received mixed early reviews, and was delayed from Christmas 2014 to Spring 2015.

Google takes the third spot in the ranking with a value of $56.6b. Other brands in the top 10 are Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald’s, General Electric, Samsung, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton.

Source: Forbes