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Microsoft unveils Universal MSN apps, redesigned Outlook for Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia 920 running Windows 10 and MSN Weather
Windows Phone Area

The new apps can now work on PCs and Phones

Microsoft released the new Universal MSN apps for Windows 10 Desktop PCs a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday for the first time we were able install them on Phones running Windows 10 Technical Preview.

MSN Weather, Money, News and Sport have brand new looks with consistent design elements. Instead of pivots and swiping, Microsoft has used the so-called Split-View menu controls (a.k.a Hamburger). That means you need to press the top left icon for switching between sections or accessing the Settings.
MSN Weather screens for WIndows 10 mobile

Overall, the apps look fresh, modern and fast. And what is even better, the apps seem to match the design concept of Windows 10, with similar navigation and menus across all apps and elements of the platform.

Along with the arrival of new MSN apps, Microsoft released a substantial update to Outlook app for Windows 10 build 10080. The changes are in line with what Microsoft promised a month ago – the buttons have been moved to the bottom, next to the ribbon revealing controls like more, read and flag. Outlook for Windows 10 mobile has also new toggles in Settings, and seems to be more stable than the version shipped in April.

Outlook Mail for Build 10080