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A Microsoft smartwatch coming soon, compatible with iOS and Android

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Microsoft enters the wearable market, as the company is reportedly working on a sensor-rich smartwatch that syncs will all popular platforms – Windows Phone, iOS and Android. Sources familiar with the project have revealed to ‘Forbes’ that the smartwatch will be able to measure heart rate throughout the day and night, syncing data across devices. Microsoft’s Kinect division is involved in the development, according to Forbes. Parmy Olson suggests that the rumored smartwatch will be released as early as this summer.

Microsoft believes that sensors and wearables have a huge potential on the market now dominated by Apple and Samsung. Microsoft smartwatch will have multiply sensors continuously measuring heart rate, and a battery that lasts 2 days. There will be a small color touchscreen positioned on the inside of the wrist. The device won’t be locked to Windows Phone, but will be also compatible with Android and Apple smartphones, which is a bold move for Microsoft. The future sensor-rich wristwatch expected in 2014 will be a very attractive product for all sport enthusiasts and healthcare professionals.

Microsoft had some experience with wearable devices in the past. In 2004 the company showed SPOT, a product that was able to send messages, show news, weather, stock information and more via a paid subscription service working with FM signals.