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Microsoft revealed its plans for unified gaming across all Windows 10 devices

Phil Spencer Game Conference 2015 Xbox One

Universal App Platform, One Store and Cross-buy for the best possible gaming experience

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, Microsoft revealed its unified vision for gaming on Windows 10 devices and a commitment to deliver the best possible gaming experience to billions of Windows users.

Xbox Live SDK for Windows 10 is now available to a selected group of developers in order to create new games, while a broader availability of these tools will be announced soon. Using this SDK for Windows 10, all developers will have an access to shared APIs and a unified Windows Store. As Windows 10 works across phones, tablets, PCs, Xbox consoles and even HoloLens, game creators will be able to develop a single project and target 1.5 billion potential customers.

Developers will be able to deliver content and features to all devices easily thanks to experiences such as cross-buy. That means users can pay for games, new features and content once, to access them through all Windows 10 devices they own.

Other novelties announced at the conference include DirectX 12 for 20% increased performance, a bunch of accessories like a Wireless Adapter, and some new games coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 (Gigantic, Dangerous).

Windows 10 developers can also create games for HoloLens (Microsoft’s holographic computer). More details about Windows 10, apps and games will be shared at the BUILD conference in April.