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Microsoft renames Nokia Lumia smartphones to ‘Microsoft Lumia’

microsoft lumia phone branding windows phone

Microsoft phases out the Nokia branding entirely, but keeps the Lumia name

Earlier this year Microsoft officially acquired Nokia’s phone business and according to the deal the Nokia name was planned to be phased out by the end of 2014. Microsoft has already begun the transition with all smartphones being promoted as ‘Lumia’ while official the site redirects to

A question that remained open was how Microsoft would call the future smartphones – Surface, Microsoft, Lumia, or something else. Well, now we have an official confirmation that Lumia name will be kept as the name of the upcoming smartphones. There is no info on whether Redmond will use the long ‘Microsoft Lumia’ name on the phones, or only the short ‘Lumia’ will replace the current Nokia logo at the top and at the back side of the smartphones.

As a part of the transition, Microsoft will ditch the Nokia’ pure font typeface in favor of the corporate ‘Segoe’.

The last Nokia Lumia branded phones appear to be Lumia 735 and Lumia 830 which will be promoted during the Holiday season. Microsoft is expected to unveil the first smartphones under the new brand in early 2015, along with Windows 10 operating system.

Source: Nokia France Facebook page