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Microsoft Photos app allows you to add a slow motion effect to normal videos

Photos from video slow moton

The Photos app gets an update for Windows 10

The latest version of the Photos app (16.711.10302.0) for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has a new option to edit videos.

If you tap on ‘Edit’ you will see a new option to ‘Create slow motion video’ from your existing clip. In fact, the app uses special algorithms to simulate a slow motion effect for a certain part of the clip you select.

how to create slow motion from videos

While the new update definitely can make your existing videos far more attractive with this slow-mo effect, the results are not as good as if you’ve recorded a real slow-mo video at 120fps. However, thanks to special algorithms the Photos app creates extra frames to simulate the effect for you, so you can still impress your friends with cool videos.

The updated Photos app is currently available for users on the Windows Insider program, but Microsoft will most likely roll it out to everyone in the coming days.