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Microsoft Norway reveals Glance Screen notifications in GDR3 / Bittersweet shimmer update

Microsoft norway lumia 925
  • On September 29, 2013

Nokia introduced its ‘Glance Screen’ with the Lumia 925. Later, the feature became available for other Nokia models with the “Amber Update”. Now, it seems that the Glance Screen which initially displayed only the battery information and the time will be further developed in the upcoming software update – Bittersweet Shimmer.

A new leak coming from Microsoft Norway reveals that the Bittersweet Shimmer software refresh will bring notifications to the Glance Screen – a feature many users have been expecting for a long time. The picture below posted by Microsoft Norway shows the Lumia 925. You can see e-mail and text notifications next to the clock.

GDR3 Glance screen notifications

With the Lumia Amber update the Glance Screen displays the time and the battery indicator. The problem is that if you want to check your notifications you need to unlock the device.

The Bittersweet shimmer update which will probably roll out with GDR3 in November will bring an improved Glance Screen to the Nokia Lumia devices. According to the latest information, the new version of Windows Phone 8 will debut at the Nokia event on October 22 in Abu Dhabi where at least six new devices including the 6-inch Lumia 1520 will be introduced.