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Microsoft to merge Windows Store and Windows Phone Store developer registration

Windows and Windows Phone unification

Weeks ago Microsoft announced that it intends to unify both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into a single store. Now, Windows Phone Area understands that the company is taking the first step towards that direction. Microsoft has just announced that it is merging Windows and Windows Phone developer registration.

The aim is, according to Microsoft’s Todd Brix, to make submitting apps simpler and easier as well as cheaper. With that unification Windows Phone developers will be able to submit apps in Windows Store and Windows developers will be able to develop apps for Windows Phone. They will still use one of the dashboards to manage the apps as just the registration is becoming one process.

Alongside the unification, the new developers and those ones who make a renewal will be charged with a single annual fee of $19 for registration. Already existing developers who are registered to both stores will get a code with a free renewal for one year. As the Microsoft operating systems group`s head Terry Myerson says, the goal is “one set of developer APIs on all of our devices.” Apparently, Microsoft has a long way to go in order to reach it, but without doubt is moving in the right direction.

Source: The Verge