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Microsoft integrates Photos plug-ins into the Windows 10 Photo app

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Lumia Moments and other apps could be deeply integrated into the Photos & Camera apps

A week ago, Microsoft announced its plans to shut down some of the former Nokia Lumia photo & camera apps like Panorama and Refocus. The explanation given was ‘streamlining the photo experience in Windows 10 Mobile’.

Yesterday, the company published a new app in the store called ‘Photos Add-ins’, which is in fact the rebranded Lumia Moments app, announced a year ago. Unlike Lumia Moment, which is installed as a separate app, Photos Add-ins is a plug-in that integrates directly into the Photo app, so you can have some extra functionality while reviewing photos and videos in the Camera & Photo apps on your Windows 10 Phone.

Photos add-ins logo save photos from videos

Photos Add-ins could be part of the new modular approach to the platform allowing more flexibility, faster updates and better user experience.

Microsoft is yet to reveal its future plans for the Mobile, but it will not be surprising if we see more functions integrated into the core Photo app in Windows 10 Mobile through small plug-ins.

For example, in theory, you could use only the default camera app to shoot photos, videos, panoramas or defocus photos.

At the moment, the Lumia Moment plug-in only works on Nokia Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon. It allows you to extract photos from videos, add motion blur or other effects.


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