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Microsoft includes gestures in Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Update

audio routing
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Audio Routing Settings spotted in Redstone build 14306

One of the internal Windows 10 Mobile builds, which are part of the Redstone development branch, appears to include new Audio Routing Settings.

There are two options as can be seen below – 1) to choose where you want audio to play when making or receiving calls, and 2) – to let the device automatically turn on the speaker when the phone is moved away from your ear.

Audio Routing gestures

Audio Routing in build 14306 has three settings to select : Automatic, Bluetooth (if connected) or the Phone speaker.

Allowing the phone to turn on the speaker as you move the phone is the first ‘Gesture’ in Windows 10 Mobile. Windows Phone 8.1 had an app called ‘Gestures Beta’ that allowed you to silence incoming calls when flipping the phone, or turn on the speaker when the device is laid flat. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t work on Windows 10 Mobile, but hopefully we will see many gestures added to Windows 10 Mobile with the next major update called Redstone.

Microsoft could also release a new app for Windows 10 Mobile that brings some gestures and Audio Routing to all users on build 10586.