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Truecaller brings Real-time Caller ID to Windows Phone

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Live Caller ID for Windows Phone

Truecaller has signed a partnership contract with Windows Phone which will allow users to take advantage of the Live Caller’s new features.

Truecaller appeared on the market in 2009 and has gained more than 85 million users worldwide. It’s a useful software giving options for cross-platform calls and contacts services. Actually, it is an international phone directory in which you could put your name and phone number and make it visible for anyone using the service no matter whether they are in your book or not. Moreover, users can mark any phone numbers of spammers and traders and you will receive a reminder that a call from them could be a waste of time.

Customers could also use another function to block unwanted calls due to the mentioned spammers’ list. Moreover other functions allow you easily to understand who is calling you from a mysterious phone number.

Truecaller has been available for Windows Phone for a long time but some of the functions related to the caller ID were not so well-developed. Customers had been able only to view more about the caller if they had a missed call. Now the information appears in real time such as on Android and iOS devices and you can ring off in case of an unwanted call. However, the feature only works on Lumias with Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan and newer.

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The reason for the delayed introduction of the new features for WP was a restriction put by Microsoft which has now been removed. Live Caller ID is now available for Lumia devices worldwide.

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