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Microsoft drops Nokia and Windows Phone logos after the Holiday campaign

nokia and windows logo
  • On September 10, 2014

The last Nokia-branded smartphones will be Lumia 830 and Lumia 730/735

If you want to have one of the last Nokia-branded smartphones then you should hurry and upload yourself to the nearest store because there won’t be new Nokia models after the Holiday season. That means the recently announced Lumia 830 alongside the selfie phones Lumia 735 & 735 will be the last Nokia Windows Phones by Microsoft. There will be, however, dumb feature phones with the Nokia logo at the top as Microsoft has licensed the brand usage for a period of 10 years.

According to internal documents obtained by Geek On Gadgets, Microsoft is in the final stage to absorb Nokia’s smartphone business which was officially acquired in April. That’s why Microsoft is slowly phasing out Nokia’s logo from products, webpages, ads… from everywhere.

Lumia branding

All future Windows Phones will still have the Lumia branding at the top, and we can also expect the Microsoft’s logo to appear somewhere (ads, promotions, ect) if not on the phones themselves.

Interestingly, Redmond is also slowly dropping its own Windows Phone logo for promotions and products, and that could be connected with Windows Threshold. Microsoft is expected to introduce a unified Windows operating system that will work on tablets, PCs, and phones, so dropping the word ”Phone” from “Windows Phone” branding does make sense. We have already seen some early signs of this transformation with HTC naming its first WP8.1 device just HTC One M8 for Windows.