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Microsoft demonstrates new Continuum features

Continuum to PC
Windows Phone Area

Win32 as Remote apps, Phones to PC via Continuum

Microsoft has demonstrated new Continuum features during a special session at BUILD 2016. The company has shown off three features part of the enhanced Continuum in the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone update.

Windows Phones supporting Continuum could be connected to a PC, and the phone can project to this device – almost like traditional Continuum when the phone is connected to a TV/monitor. The difference here is that you will be able to minimize, move and resize the phone window, while the desktop still exists completely independently.

Microsoft also demoed how enterprise users can open Win32 apps from a phone when it’s connected to a bigger screen (or a PC) in Continuum mode. Win32 apps can be hosted on the cloud and employees can access them on the go from their phones.

The third new feature in Continuum is about gaming. Games that are built as Universal Windows Platform apps automatically work and run on the big screen in Continuum. Windows 10 users will be able to use their Xbox controller to play games – the controller is connected to the Display Dock, just like a mouse and a keyboard.

Watch the full session below: