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Microsoft delays the launch of a phone from 2016 in Europe

Alcatel Idol Pro 4

Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro is still not available in Europe

Alcatel unveiled the IDOL 4S with Windows 10 in late 2016, initially exclusively for T-Mobile. Months later, Alcatel released a unlocked version of the phone, but again, only in the US.

In early 2017 the device was supposed to launch in Europe, as Microsoft started to clear stocks of the Lumia 950 line.

But the smartphone is yet to make its debut in Europe. After listing the IDOL 4 Pro (which is the same as the 2016 IDOL 4S in the US) on its webstores in the UK, Germany and France, and opening pre-orders for the device in early July, Microsoft unexpectedly delayed the release dates in these countries.

The phone should have been shipping to customers from today, but Microsoft has quietly changed the release date in the US from July 26 to August 7.

In Germany and France, the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro will be shipping no early than July 31, according to the new information in the Store.

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro

Along with the HP Elite x3, the Idol 4 Pro is the only up-to-date Windows phone you could buy right now. Microsoft remains quiet about its mobile plans and there are no other manufacturers willing to make new devices. Meanwhile, the Windows phone sales have sunk to just 0.1% in the last quarter, while the majority of the phones in use are out-of-support with Windows Phone 8.1.