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Microsoft buys Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion

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The information about Microsoft buying “Minecraft” has been officially confirmed.  The company pays the sum of $2.5 billion to gain Mojang and the contraction of the deal is expected to happen till the end of the year.  According to an Xbox chief, this new opportunity will extend the variety of games which will be offered for numerous platforms. Since gaming is the most popular activity on devices, there are many perspectives in such deals. Minecraft will now be able on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

However, the creator of Minecraft Markus Persson will not become a member of Microsoft’s team. His aim is to concentrate on projects with lower significance and to work under less pressure. That’s why he is selling Mojang but his work on such products will be continued. He has criticized the OS of Windows 8 before but now he seems to have a reason for getting rid of it. He wants to have less responsibility on smaller projects.

Microsoft’s gaming subdivision called “Xbox” is really desired by investors but Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO considers gaming zone as an important part of the company. She sees many opportunities and future development for the platform on numerous types of devices.

The exact reason for Microsoft’s move might be the will to increase the sales of Windows Phone products. Since Minecraft has been available for iOS and Android for a long time, it is the first time it has been released for Windows Phone. Moreover, the company considers some improvements on the Windows version in order to gain even more users.

Microsoft counts on the popularity of Minecraft and the ability for the product to be further-developed for Windows in future.  The game was released a few years ago allowing players to build their own environment. Tips and replicas have been released on the Web.

Minecraft is thought to be the digital copy of the ordinary Lego blocks. The company hopes to keep the present customers and to extend the audience in the near future.