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Microsoft in attempts to unify all platforms

Windows OS Logo

A few years ago the name ‘Windows’ was only connected with desktop computers, but today the situation has changed. Mobile phones and other devices are quickly gaining more popularity and all these new devices require different software environment.

Microsoft, being a major player on the market, now has to evolve and adapt to the new market situation. The ultimate goal of the company is pretty ambitions: to unify all platforms and bring Windows to all screen sizes and devices including phones, PCs, TVs, consoles and wearable gadgets. Microsoft already applied this new design philosophy with shifting some old ideas into new products. For example, Windows 9 Threshold will come in 2015 with METRO-like start menu, while Windows Phone’s Live Tiles will be brought to even more products. The new philosophy stresses on functionality over ornamentation, and clean typography. With new design language, Microsoft will try to make all products and services seem like they are from one family – Windows!

Besides functional and minimalistic interface, many features like Cortana assistant will work on all platforms and devices. A Major part of the unification strategy is a new type of ‘universal’ apps created within new APIs and working on both Windows Phone and Windows PC platforms.

Who knows what else will follow?

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