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The Messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile updated with Skype Integration

Microsoft Messaging and Skype Video logo

Skype Video drops the Preview tag

Microsoft has updated the main Messaging app for Windows 10 phones and the new version 1.10.7000 comes with Skype integration and some improvements. The company first added Skype Integration to an alternative app called ‘Messaging Skype Beta’, but now it seems that Microsoft is ready to add the Skype functionality to the ‘official’ Messenger on Windows 10 Mobile.

Along with the ability to send Skype and SMS messages, the new app now includes an SMS Search option and some performance improvements – it seems a bit faster!

Microsoft Messaging landscape

Microsoft Messaging also has a new landscape mode that looks quite nice, and a dark grey background for the main screen – the chat window is still black.

In addition to these changes, Microsoft has updated Skype Video Preview to just Skype Video. Using the standalone app you can make video calls, while the Skype audio calls are now integrated into the Phone app.