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Microsoft Lumia 640: Update 2 Official Changelog

Microsoft Lumia 640
Windows Phone Area

Microsoft Lumia 640: Update 2 Official Changelog

Some Lumia 640 owners have reported that their devices are receiving Update 2. The most recent version of Windows Phone 8.1 is believed to bring only minor improvements to the smartphones, but a recent leak reveals that there is a lot more than originally thought… or at least for one model – Lumia 640.

According to leaked official changelog, Lumia 640 will get many specific improvements in many areas in addition to the improvements in Windows Phone 8.1.2:

  • Camera improvements: improved sharpness; improved speed and zoom; Video encoding improvements; Better color balance and sharpness
  • Bluetooth: performance, audio and connection improvements
  • WiFi: user manageable priority order for cellular and WiFi networks; better user control on offloading network usage to WiFi
  • Mobile network: Improved audio; LTE connection improvements; Port scanning blocking; USSD1 coding scheme fix
  • Generic fixes: improved behavior in low light and extreme bright conditions; stability fixes, and many other small fixes and improvements

Source: wmpoweruser