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The Many Benefits Of DevOps


Have you been searching for a way to improve your time to market and delivery times while generating a higher ROI? Then it is time to look into DevOps, which is an app based on Agile principles, which focuses on the faster development of software and delivery.

It is now possible to link and improve collaboration between various teams including development, operations, and business, through the ability to improve transparency enabling better decision making. It is essential that your teams are able to break down the walls of communication and work with one another around the clock without distractions. DevOps has unlocked a new future in which businesses have the ability to offer up mutual collaboration and communication between the office and on a global scale. DevOps has been able to blur the boundaries that were previously set up on roles in an office environment. With DevOps it is now possible for all members of the team to work within the parameters of the same schedule and timetable.

Stable/Reliable Operating Environments

In order to provide the best products and services to customers, it is essential to be able to detect and correct any possible defects in a product according to Capita ITR.

Continuous Release and Deployment, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Monitoring – these are the essential practices that today’s software companies must employ to ensure quality software, shorter release cycles, and reduced market timelines. DevOps uses the practices of continuous monitoring, continuous testing, as well as continuous release and deployment to ensure the above.

With time to focus come improved quality.

Some may say that DevOps is disruptive to the workplace, yet it is not going away due to its value by many organizations that see the benefits of it on a daily basis.

Many times testing is ignored when DevOps is utilized, and that has the ability to lessen your chance of success in this world. Cigniti Technologies has the ability to offer you the potential gains involved with DevOps through a proper testing framework. Through the process of integrated automated testing you are going to save not only time but money as well while increasing the time and quality to market. If you would like to know more about integrated automation testing, be sure to visit Cigniti Services.