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How to manually back up your contacts

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  • On April 23, 2014

Windows Phone is backing up all your contacts automatically, so they can be easily restored through your Microsoft account. But what happens if you can’t access or lose your online account? You will probably lose all contacts, unless you have an alternative backup. As Windows Phone doesn’t have an option to manually back up contacts, you can download an app called ‘Contacts Backup’.

Contacts Backup easily backups all contacts and then save them in OneDrive. You have two options – to backup all contacts in a single .vct file, or to create a separate file for each contact. The app includes your contacts from multiply accounts – Facebook, Nokia account and Google. Contact photos are also saved.

contacts backup app windows phone

First you need to select the contacts and tap on the left icon ‘backup’. Then just log in into any OneDrive account to upload the files. Backup will be uploaded as ‘’. To use it later, download the zip file and extract from archive.


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Credit: via AAWP