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Lumia’s Glance Screen gains Lock Screen photo integration

Glance Screen photo on Lumia 920 yellow
  • On December 15, 2014

Lock screen and Glance screen can now show one photo

One of the most distinctive features of some Lumia smartphones, a functionality called ‘Glance Screen’ that displays important information and notifications at a glance, has been updated with full photo support.

After updating and restarting a phone that supports Glance Screen (Lumia 930 and 735 do not), you can set a photo as a Lock screen which will automatically be displayed on the Glance Screen, providing that third party apps such as ‘Glance Background’ are disabled.

lock screen settings and photo

To select a photo for both the lockscreen and the glance screen first install the new version of Glance Screen and restart. Then go to Settings -> Lock Screen, and select a static photo as a background.

The new Glance doesn’t come with an integration with Bing images, so for now you can only set a static photo from the camera roll.

To update the Glance Screen just go to the Windows Phone Store.