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Lumia sales in Q4 2014 reached all-time high in absolute numbers

Nokia Lumia sales for Q4 2014 graph by Windows phone area
Windows Phone Area

10.5 million Lumia phones sold in the quarter, but Microsoft’s market share is falling

Microsoft has reported that 10.5 million Lumia-branded Windows Phones were sold in the last quarter which is the highest number we have seen so far. Lumia sales have been increasing quarter over quarter since Q1 2014, starting from 7.5 million units to reach a record high of 10.5 million for the quarter ending in December 2014.

By comparison, Microsoft sold 1.3 million more smartphones over the previous quarter and 2.3 million more in sales over the same quarter in 2013. Despite the positive tendency in absolute numbers, Microsoft’s market share is falling as the global market is expanding faster than Lumia’s growth. Microsoft is estimated to account for less than 3% of the smartphone shipments for the quarter, which however, is not that bad considering the lack of new flagship devices. Mostly low-end and affordable Lumias have generated a total revenue of $2.3 billion (down 0.3$ billion over the previous quarter).

Other interesting numbers from Microsoft’s earnings report for the fiscal Q2 2015:

  • Surface revenue grew 24% to 1.1 billion
  • 6 million Xbox consoles sold
  • Office 365 subscribers grew 30% to reach 9.2 million

Source: Microsoft