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Lumia Phones Branded with Microsoft’s Name

Microsoft developing its first own Windows Phone
Windows Phone Area

It is not completely sure but a Lumia Phone has already been seen branded on the display as a Microsoft phone. The photos shown are made of a real unique unit produced by the company.

The information came from a French website that had received the info a few weeks ago. However, they did not publish anything until the rumors were confirmed. It happened yesterday when Geeks and Gadgets confessed about Microsoft replacing Nokia. Lumia will be kept as a brand name of the devices.

There were some doubts about the authenticity of the photos but manipulations over them were not found. Another hypothesis supposes that Microsoft is still making some examinations and the device on the photos is a test unit. The style, size and location of the branding are likely to be changed in future.

facade microsoft lumia windows phone

It is difficult for us to determine which Lumia model could be seen on the photos. This unit has some features of the 930, 830 and 73x models but the last one seems most likely to us.

However, it could be a prototype of a model that we have not seen yet. We also presumed that the model will be released on the market in US instead of the Lumia 735. Moreover, Microsoft is about to get more population than Nokia as a brand for smartphones and the States seem to be the perfect first destination for such change.