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Lumia Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1

Lumia Cyan update for Windows Phone Lumia smartphones

All existing Windows Phone 8.0 Lumia smartphones will get a special update called Lumia Cyan, bringing Nokia exclusive software additions on top of the newly announced Windows Phone 8.1 in one package.

Lumia Cyan will include an updated Nokia Creative Studio app, with several new filters, editing tools and other cool features. Nokia Storyteller app will support ‘Live Images’ which are created automatically when taking photos with Nokia Camera. When users press the shutter button, Nokia Camera creates short animations. Living Images are similar to Cinemagraph, but after the Cyan update users won’t need to launch a separate application to animate a portion of the picture. Here is a demo of the new Nokia Camera & Storyteller apps presented by WPCentral.

Nokia also updates HERE maps with aerial images, 3D buildings, new gestures for map browsing and rotation.

Lumia Cyan update will deliver Windows Phone 8.1 to all existing devices in the coming months, while Lumia 630, 635 and Lumia 930 start selling next month with Lumia Cyan pre-installed. Further details of the update are expected to emerge in the coming weeks.