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Lumia Amber update starts rolling out. Availability and installation details

Lumia Amber Update
  • On August 16, 2013

Nokia has just started rolling out its software update to the WP8 Lumia devices. The update called “Lumia Amber” is bringing the latest version of Windows Phone 8 and some new and improved Nokia features and apps. The list includes: Nokia Smart Camera for all devices; Nokia Pro Cam app for Lumia 920, 925 and 928; a new FM radio player; improvements to the Xbox Music and Internet Explorer; improved image processing; Nokia Glance Screen; Flip to silence feature; Storage Check, and some other improvements. You can read more details and full Lumia Amber changelog here.

The first phones to get the update are Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. The update process will vary by regions, countries and carriers, so you may need to wait for a while before Lumia Amber reaches your device. In any case, the update should reach all users by the end of September. Your phone checks automatically if any update is available, but you can perform a manual check – go to Settings -> Phone Update

You will see a message popping up on the screen if the update is available.

Before the update process:

  • Check if the phone has enough storage left
  • Check if the battery is fully powered
  • Check if the time and date are correct
  • Connect the phone to internet (WiFi connection is recommended)

Nokia Lumia Amber update steps:

  • Tap on the notification message. The update can be postponed or installed immediately.
  • Your phone will restart several times during the installation. You won’t be able to use it during the process that will take around 20-30 minutes.
  • The update is installed. You can enjoy the new features.

Source: Nokia