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Lumia 650 and Lumia 950 are the most popular Windows 10 phones in the US

Windows 10 Logo and Windows Phone
Windows Phone Area

Windows 10 Mobile is running on 16% of the phones

The December stats for Windows devices, released by AdDuplex, revealed interesting details about the usage of Windows 10 PC and Mobile at the end of 2016.

The global picture of Windows Mobile OS shows that the latest version (Windows 10 Mobile) is running on just 16% of the phones in use, while the majority of the users are still on version Windows Phone 8.1. But within Windows 10 Mobile, more than 92% of the users are on the latest official build (Anniversary Update) or later (Insider), which is great.

In the US, the Black Friday sale has significantly reshaped the chart, as all native Windows 10 models have climbed in the ranking. Lumia 650 is now the most popular Windows 10 phone with a 21.8% share, while the Lumia 950 has 20%. The new Idol 4s has also gained traction to become number 13.

Globally, the picture of the Windows 10 Mobile devices is a bit different. Lumia 550 moved past Lumia 640 and Lumia 535. The most popular native Windows 10 phone is the Microsoft Lumia 650 with a 10.6% share, while Lumia 950 has 7.8%.

This report also shows the usage of Surface PCs. We learn that Surface Pro 4 surpassed the Pro 3 in market share, while the niche Surface Studio has just appeared with a 0.1%.