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Low-end phones dominating the market, Lumia 535 & 635 on the rise

Windows Phone market january devices
  • On January 28, 2015

62.6% of the active smartphones now run Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone’s cross-promotional advertising network AdDuplex has published its January report about the platform. By analyzing information from nearly 5000 apps and million users, AdDuplex’s reports give us a pretty accurate picture of the ecosystem.

As usual, we can see that the first three most popular smartphones worldwide are affordable smartphones. Nokia Lumia 520 again tops the ranking with the impressive result of 23.8%, followed by Lumia 630 (8.6%) and Lumia 625 (7.1%). The new models (Nokia Lumia 930, 735, 830) have not entered the top 10, which means they have a limited impact on the overall market with shares below 3%. There are two models which have grown in popularity – Lumia 530 (to 4.2%) and Lumia 635 (to 4%).

In the US, where Windows Phone holds less than 3% of the overall market, we can see the Lumia 521 and 635 occupying the first two places. It is interesting to notice that the old HTC 8X has returned in the Top 10 with 3% of all active Windows Phones.

Microsoft Lumia 535 has been the top selling phone in India since its official premiere in December, quickly becoming the second most used device in the country with a share of 9.1%. Unconfirmed reports claim that over 500 000 units have been sold in India alone.

Other interesting findings from the January report:

  • Microsoft/Lumia phones account for 95.6% of the Windows Phones, HTC holds 2.56%
  • Windows Phone 8.1 grows by 4.7% to reach 62.6% in January, WP8.0 and WP7.X are down
  • Lumia 520 holds the impressive 55.9% in Columbia
  • Nokia Lumia 930 is the fifth most popular device in France (5.4%) and Germany (6.5%)

Microsoft yesterday announced that 10.5 million Lumia smartphones were sold in Q4, which is a record high for the brand.

Source: AdDuplex