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Low-end battle: Lumia 530 vs Prestigio 8400 DUO vs BLU Dash 4

Nokia Lumia 530 vs Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 DUO

Microsoft announced this week its new low-end device Lumia 530 destined to beat out the Android competition. Redmond has released an ad showing how good the new Nokia is compared with other Android devices including Motorola’s hot seller – Moto E. Nokia Lumia 530 will surely be a tempting phone thanks to its price, but is it a real successor to Lumia 520 or it’s more suitable for Asha / mobile phone users looking for their first Windows Phone device? Let’s see how the 530 stands out against two of the latest additions to the Windows line-up – Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 Duo and BLU Dash 4.0 Windows Phone.

Price: Winner – BLU Dash 4.0

MultiPhone 8400 Duo costs $122, the Lumia 530 is expected to retail at $119 while Blue Dash 4.0 is the cheapest device – $99

Design: Winner – Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 Duo

If you choose your device based on how it looks – Prestigio offers the best looking smartphone. It has a plastic body with rounded corners and capacitive buttons.

Screen: Winner – Nokia Lumia 530

The three devices have similar displays: Nokia Lumia 530 has a 4.0″ LCD, WVGA+ display; Prestigio has a 4-inch one with a WVGA (480×800) resolution, just like the Dash 4.0.

Processor & RAM: Winners – Lumia 530 & MultiPhone 8400 Duo

While BLU Dash 4 is build around a dual-core processor, Microsoft and Prestigio have added a faster Snapdragon 200 with four cores ticking over at 1.2 GHz. The amount of RAM is the same in all three devices – just 512 MB. This could be a problem while playing some resource consuming games.

Capacity: Winner – Nokia Lumia 530

Just 4GB in-built storage is found on the 3 models, but the Lumia supports cards up to 128 GB, unlike the other smartphones supporting up to 32 GB.

Camera: Winner – Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 Duo

Autofocus, LED flash, 8-megapixels and a secondary VGA camera – all this is offered by Prestigio for the price $122, while the competition has 5MP, fixed focus and no flash.

Battery: Winner – Prestigio MultiPhone 8400 Duo

Prestigio has a decent 2000mAH battery, BLU is second with 1500mAH, Nokia is last with only 1430 mAH.

Apps and features: Winner – Nokia Lumia 530

Windows Phone 8.1 comes pre-loaded on these three devices, but the Lumia 530 offers some exclusive Windows and Nokia features – excellent camera software and editing tools, HERE suite of apps, Office apps and more.

Which low-end smartphone would you buy? Post your comments below.