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Loco Music Player Delight – a short review

Loco Music Player Delight
  • On January 3, 2018

This player is better than Microsoft’s Groove

If you are looking for a good third-party music player for your Windows 10 device (PC, phone, or tablet), Loco Delight is worth checking out. It’s a Universal Windows app with Fluent design and many personalization options, like adjusting the level of transparency, blur and colors.

In the Settings menu, you will also find the ability to select a custom image when the album art is not available.

Loco Music Player Delight

There is a dedicated settings page for Themes – you can select one of the free themes, or buy a premium pack to unlock additional personalization options. Loco Music Player Delight can also be connected to – a popular music community that saves your played tracks.

Some of the advantages of Loco Music Player are the support for folders and the equalizers. You can add a quick access folder and play the files you’ve put there – something not possible with Groove Music.

Loco Music Player Delight

Other features:

  • create playlists and export them (m3u, m3u8, wpl, zpl)
  • search for tracks
  • change size of the fonts

  • add tracks from SD card
  • download and play songs from OneDrive
  • read lyrics
  • play FLAC files.

Overall, Loco Delight is a great alternative of Groove Music if you want something more than a basic music player. Download it from the Store.