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Lenovo’s first VR headset for Windows Holographic revealed at CES 2017

Lenovo VR
  • On January 3, 2017

Lenovo’s VR to cost less than $400

Last year, Microsoft announced that hardware partners would soon be launching cheap VR headset built for the Windows Holographic platform, in attempts to take on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This week at CES 2017, Lenovo finally revealed its first attempt to enter the VR market with a self-branded headset.

The headset by Lenovo is lighter than alternative VR headsets, and comes with two displays with resolutions of 1400×1400 pixels. It offers 6 degree inside-out tracking, which means the users are fully tracked in space without any camera or tracking device. Importantly, Lenovo revealed that their headset would cost less than the competition, with an expected price of less than $400.

Lenovo VR

Lenovo VR headset has two cameras mounted at the front for positioning, and a cable for connection. The company is not building its own controller for the headset. Instead, Lenovo VR will work with any controller designed for Windows Holographic or with an Xbox One controller.

Lenovo is expected to launch the VR headset sometime in 2017. Stay tuned for official information regarding availability and pricing.

Source: The Verge