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Lenovo is launching a Windows Phone this summer

Lenovo releases a Windows 10 phone

Lenovo and Microsoft extend their partnership to mobile devices

Microsoft announced Lenovo as a new hardware partner for Windows Phone at a press-conference in China. Lenovo is currently working on its first ever Windows-powered smartphone which will be released this summer through China Mobile.

Little to nothing is known about the possible hardware and software of this phone except that it could launch with Windows 10 on board, as Microsoft announced the final version of the OS will be ready in late summer. The other possibility is that Lenovo will release the phone earlier with Windows Phone 8.1 and then upgrade it to Windows 10.

Having such a big partner like Lenovo in the list with Windows Phone partners is a great achievement for Microsoft and we expect many other manufacturers to work on Windows 10 mobile devices. HTC and Samsung have already expressed an interest in working with the new platform.

Source: LichtSpektrum