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Leak: Windows Phone 9 Preview to arrive in Q2/Q3 2015

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While we are waiting for Microsoft to begin rolling out the final Windows Phone 8.1 version to all existing devices, the company is already working on its new products for the next year – Windows 9, Windows Phone 9 and Office 2015, all appeared in the Microsoft’s roadmap for 2015 .

According to a leaked internal document obtained by Myce, Windows Phone 9 Preview for Developers should be ready in Q2 or Q3 next year or around the same time as the next Windows 9 version. The final build for consumers is expected to hit around the year’s end in Q4, or we will have to wait around 16-17 months between the two official releases.

But before WP9 in 2015 we will get two small updates to WP8.1, Update 2 before the year’s end and Update 3 sometimes in Q1/Q2 in 2015. These updates will bring minor changes to the platform, as well as some improvements and bug fixes.

Another interesting thing in the document is that Windows Phone 8.1’s Cortana voice assistant is coming to Windows 9, as the platform will get a major update bringing a lot of new features – Metro UI, changes to OneDrive and more.